A member of the "Silent Ranks" that doesn't want to be so silent.

Familiar Morning Sounds


Growing up in my Mexican family meant a lot of things.  It meant that every summer I would spend it living with my grandmother in a small pueblo an hour away from Guadalajara and that I would experience a different way of living from what I was accustomed to in the states.  There are a few things miss from my time there.  First and foremost my grandmothers food… which to this day no one else’s grandmother can top ;), the smells and the morning sounds.  This last part, the morning sounds are always so incredibly different but somehow after time passes, they make me feel like I’m home as they become more familiar.

In the states I hear the birds tweeting before the neighboring dogs scare them away.  Then the cars and city sounds start up.  Also the random question from my husband  asking where I put his flight suit or something else that he knows I probably put away.

In Mexico I remember listening to the pigs waking up,  the hens getting angry and the rooster crowing to let us know it was morning, all while hearing the familiar patting of tortillas made from scratch that my grandmother would prepare for breakfast.

I’ve reached the point here in Okinawa where the morning sounds are becoming so familiar that I won’t easily forget them.  On base I hear the national anthems of the U.S and Japan playing for morning colors and then theres’s another sound… The cicadas (semi). Military wives out here swear that there are mutant bugs.  And it’s comforting in the mornings to know that they are “out there” and not in my house (hopefully).  Then there’s the occasional sound of Japanese protester van and a few birds.  But nothing louder than these bugs.  It’s not easy to describe what this sounds like, but an orchestra of thousands of mutant grasshoppers comes close.  When I hear this sound it hits me, I’m on an island in Japan and this feels like home. 🙂

Below is a link to a youtube video that captures these sounds if curious.

Okinawa Morning Sounds


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