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Not the Worst Job in the World


Despite all we go through as military spouses, I have to admit, sometimes this lifestyle has its perks.  Getting paid to live in another country is kind of awesome.  We’ve spent the last few days looking at some World Heritage sites here on Okinawa, mainly castles.  ImageThe archeologist in me loves looking at these ruins and some of the views from the top of these are extraordinary.  Above is a lonely cherry blossom tree at Nakijin Castle on the edge overlooking the water and landscape.  During cherry blossom season it looks like a scene out of Kung Fu Panda and I love it!



I remember feeling like moving to Okinawa was the worst news in the world, “what did we do to deserve this?!?” and the longer I’m here the more I feel what a blessing it has been and how sad I will be to leave this little island that has so much to offer.  Now I’m looking to enjoy my last year on the Island and counting down the days to our next adventure to Mainland Japan!  


2 Responses to “Not the Worst Job in the World”

  1. Llady

    I feel a little nervous to be moving so far away from my parents and sisters. We just found out that he will be getting orders to Japan. We don’t know if it’ll be to mainland or Okinawa and I’m just trying to find the positive side to the next three years.

    • semperspouse

      It’s a big change coming out here and the first few months are a culture shock just trying to get used to everything. It’s been two years and it’s gone by so fast! I hear a lot of people really love mainland, there is so much to see! And the extra money is a big plus! 😉 I was devastated to leave my family, it’s hard. But a big part of me is going to miss it here and all of our new friends. I know I’ll look back on this as a happy time in my life and you will too! You’ll be back home before you know it. 🙂


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