A member of the "Silent Ranks" that doesn't want to be so silent.

Jane Wayne Day!


I had a great time at Jane Wayne Day! It was my first time going since every single year I was either too pregnant, out of town or had a family event so I was really excited to finally go!  My neighbor was nice enough to watch my son while I went.  Here are some highlights:


Take that!!!  Now I have some skills in case someone tries to grab the last jalapeños at the Commissary!!!


I also got to go on the C-130 simulator to get a taste of what my husband does on a daily basis.  Probably one of the coolest things I did today.  These things are awesome!  I’m pretty sure he’s not reading this so I’m going to go ahead and say I’m kind of impressed. Not as easy as I thought it would be at all.  I’m pretty sure I would have killed us all if I had been allowed to fly this thing alone… Lucky for us I’m not the one making a living off of being in the cock pit. 🙂


I also got my hands on an M-16.  Which was pretty cool. And I hit 12 of 16 targets. So I’m thinking I did ok.


We also got to look inside the C-130.


Overall I had a fun time.  I didn’t know anyone when I went but I met some really nice people today.  Though next time, I need to gear up better and have my husband let me borrow his pants.  Hope you all have a fun weekend!


3 Responses to “Jane Wayne Day!”

  1. bakedizzle92

    Jayne Wayne day? Looks pretty cool! I’m new to this whole military thing. What exactly is this day?? I need to make sure I do not miss it!

    • semperspouse

      Jayne Wayne Day is an event every year that squadrons and battalions hold where as a military spouse you can participate in things that your husbands do. It’s so much fun! My post was just a sample of the cool things we got to do! You’re FRO (Family Readiness Officer) should be the person to contact about this. 🙂


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