A member of the "Silent Ranks" that doesn't want to be so silent.

New Hospital on Foster

Really impressed with how beautiful the new hospital is.  Neutral colors, welcoming and modern! It really is a nice facility.  My son got his 12 month vaccines today and so far is doing great, took it like a champ!  So while I love the facility I (like everyone else) have to complain about the parking, why close off the rows on the Family Practice/Emergency Room side? It’s really annoying to not find parking then have to turn around to exit the row to try another row.  This feels really inefficient!  It looks like a little more parking than what we had at Lester but it really isn’t thought out well.  That and the guys living at the BEQ will probably get their parking spots taken by hospital visitors due to their proximity to the hospital so I feel bad for them.  Make sure to get there with time to spare if you have an appointment!

Hope you’re all having a good week!

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